Horse Game Bet







Horse Game Bet is a blockchain betting game and there is only one winner, so there is only one beneficiary per game played.

The contract has been thoroughly reviewed and no back door has been found.

Also there is no malicious code that allows the owner or someone else to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.

There is an owner editable true or false variable to pause the contract (Details in ‘OWNER FUNCTIONS’ section)

This contract is considered safe for betting, with the consequent disclaimer that it is a betting game on a horse race with cards, where the investments of the winning users are withdrawn by the winner to the balance of the game at the end of each game.

Contract Details

The contract is deployed in the BSC network and the address is 0x342E8Ba38Ad3713b738f2dF4Da701d2a876610f1.

It does not have its own token, the native token of the chain (BNB) is used

The minimum entry to add balance to the game is (5 USD) converted to BNB price at the time of adding funds.

The maximum entry per transaction to add game balance is (100 USD) converted to BNB price at the time of adding funds.

Referral percentage: 3% each time the guest makes a bet that is added to the game balance, in case of not having a referral that 3% is transferred to a marketing wallet.

Owner Fee Percentage: 7% each time a player adds money to their balance.

There is no restriction on taking money out of the game balance of the contract.

INTERFACE ‘AGGREGATORV3INTERFACE’ is included: It is a BNB to BUSD converter to indicate the price in dollars of the BNB. (not editable for the benefit of the owner or others).

The ‘authorized’ modifier is included in some contract functions such as WINBET, TIMEBET, RETURNMONEY and SETMYREFERRED. This modifier prevents the investor from having to pay a fee for each transaction, that is, everything is done internally through the game and thus they are not called by any outside person for their own benefit and manipulate the bets.

Owner Functions

FUNCTION INITIALIZED: This function allows you to “pause the contract” since all functions depend on its value, which can be positive or false. The developers have told us that being a WebGL game made in Unity, there is a possibility that the game will be hacked or any type of bug will be found in the game and they can stop any action in the contract in time for the good of the investors. Even if the function is changed to false, no one can continue to perform actions on the contract, not even the owner. Therefore better for the useful life of the project.

The contract does not have any visible or hidden functions that allow you to take money out of the contract


There are no back doors in this contract that anyone (including the owner) can use to their advantage.

Code Complexity

Well structured and well thought out contract to safely call from game in WebGL.


Withdrawal fee: 0%

Referral fee for each bet: 3% of the amount bet.

Fee to marketing wallet in case of not having a referral in each bet: 3%

Fee to the owner in the deposit: 7%

Team Trust

Horse Game Bet belongs to a developer company dedicated to the development of mobile video games and blockchain development, Spaar Games. They brought out another project called CryptoCarWash.


The objective of this audit is to find any problems and vulnerabilities in the security of this smart contract.
This audit has been carried out by a single person from the team.
You have to understand that we don’t know what the developers of the project will do.
Remember, invest only what you can afford to lose.