When you hire our services you are paying for the audit of one smart contract. In case your project involves more than one smart contract as for example a NFT or a token you will have to hire a separate service that will be paid as another audit.

No. Our team will deliver a top quality audit after the payment, regardless of the lenght or extent of the smart contract.

Like in any digital marketplace, once you purchase a service, the order is already processed. Therefore, it is not possible to return the money.

We will contact the project owner to fix the bug. If the owner does not make the proper changes within a set period of time, the audit will be published with the flagged errors.

From 100audits we are committed to do our job to the best of our ability. We do analyze the smart contracts that are sent to us in detail. Investors should take into account that even if the smart contract is faultless, and the code is clean, we are not responsible nor operate the projects website or dAPP from which the smart contract is linked to. Please always do your own due diligence and invest only what you can afford to lose.

For a standard audit it might take up to 72h (Depending on the queue of pending audits). For an urgent audit we commit to deliver the audit in less than 24h.

Our principles are simple: There is no need to pay thousands of dollars for an audit, when you have made your own contract, and you know is faultless. However, one of the key benefits of a blockchain contract audit is that it allows for the detection of any potential vulnerabilities or bugs in the contract code. By providing an independent, third-party review from 100audits you will be adding an additional layer of security and transparency to the contract process, increasing the confidence in your project by the investors.

Very simple! Just go to the affiliate section in the menu, register as an affiliate and start earning money by bringing projects for us to audit! The project that enters your affiliate code will have a 10% discount and you will earn 20% of the value that remains to be paid.