KongBUSD is a ROI DAPP that offers a variable return between 1% and 5% with a maximum profit of 300%.

UPDATE V2 date: 12/30/2022

  • New function to migrate the data of each investor from the contract v1 to v2.
  • Made changes to additional ROI from WM1 and NFT investors.
  • ROI max is changed to 5%.


The contract has been thoroughly reviewed by the 100audits team and no backdoor or hidden exploits have been found in it.

Furthermore, there is no malicious code that would allow the owner or someone else to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.

This contract is considered safe to invest with the consequent disclaimer that it is a high risk investment.

This is an application that depends on the deposit of new investors, if the contract reaches $0 investors will not be paid.

Contract Details

The project has a smart contract that is deployed in the BSC network with 2 smart contracts:

  • Main Contract (0x51477431DBb027c95aD936CaC8a8ECC4ADEe2a5e) v2

                                      (0x597F6c4bf7C4311379c2420589925d0D75404a45) v1 

  • NFT ERC721 contract (0x6E4A8d4244cF0501Ca99E4fFf4CD1b45F8ddb82a) which is optional and does not directly interfere with the main smart contract.

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Token: BUSD

Minimum entry: 10 BUSD

Maximum input: No maximum

ROI is between 1% and 5% with a maximum profit of 3x.

You can stake, unstake and claim. The functions are correct.

There is a referral system:

  • With a percentage of 6% of the investment.
  • Extra referral of 2% for NFT holding referrer.

There is increased ROI benifits for WM users and NFT holders:

  • 1% Extra ROI to WM (Wealth Mountain users).
  • 1% Extra ROI to NFT holders.

NFT contract:

  • 25% of the mint income goes to the TVL (Total Value Locked) contract and the rest (75%) goes to the owner’s address.
  • If you have acquired an NFT you will participate in airdrops.
  • The mint price varies depending on the number of NFTs that have been purchased.

Owner Functions

The owner starts the contract whenever he wants and cannot stop it.

The contract does not have any visible or hidden functions that allow you to take money out of the contract.


There are no back doors in this contract that anyone (including the owner) can use to their advantage.

Code Complexity

Extensive contracts with complex functions and very well elaborated, with good structure.


Fee in the deposit: 5%.

Compounding: 0%

Withdrawal/Claiming : 6% (4% dev + 2% referral passive)

Unstake : 15%

Team Trust

Part of the team have participated in other successful projects and their Telegram community is growing.


The objective of this audit is to find any problems and vulnerabilities in the security of this smart contract.
This audit has been carried out by a single person from the 100audits.com team.
You have to understand that we don’t know what the developers of the project will do.
Remember, invest only what you can afford to lose.