The Oil Industry







The Oil Industry is a yield farm type mining project with a merger of NFTs as well.

The contract has been thoroughly reviewed and a back door has been found that only the owner has access to and has the power to transfer all of the contract funds to a new address.

This contract is not considered safe to invest (since it has a back door that is broken down in the following sections of the audit) although whether the owners are trustworthy and say that it is to be able to move the money from one contract to a new one depends on each investor.

This is an application that depends on the deposit of new investors, if the contract reaches $0 investors will not be paid.

Contract Details

The smart contract is deployed in the BSC network and the address is 0x0cce313a68762493c954108fcd555ff402f3e7c6.

It does not have its own token, the chain’s native token (BNB) is used.
There is a separate contract for the mining of NFTs.

Daily ROI is 2.01% to 2.57% depending on floor level.

Minimum entry to buy the first floor is 0.01 BNB and maximum amount to buy all the carwashes is 254.69BNB (8 floors with 5 levels each)

Referral percentage: 7% in tCoins and 3% in tMoney

Fee percentage for owners: 3%

Stop accumulating at 8 hours if not requested (according to your whitepaper).

OpenZeppelin contract parts included:
 – Context
 – Pausable
 – Ownable

ITHEOILINDUSTRY interface of the same contract is included, changing variables to be able to be called from the main contract.

The changeOwnerOfOilData function is included: In this function the owner can withdraw all the funds from the main contract and transfer them to the new address indicated. Only the owner can do this but it is very dangerous for investors. This function can be programmed in case you want to make a new contract and pass the funds to it, but it is trusting the intentions of the owner of the smart contract.

Owner Functions

FUNCTION PAUSE/UNPAUSE: This function allows you to “pause the contract” since all the functions (except the sellTower and changeOwnerOfOilData functions) depend on its value, which can be positive or false.
The owner has the possibility to relinquish ownership, transfer ownership.


The contract presents a visible function that allows to extract the amount of money from the contract as explained above.

Code Complexity

There is not much complexity within the contract.


Fee to the owner in the deposit: 3%

Team Trust

There is no news of previous projects by the team and the community is forming.


The objective of this audit is to find any problems and vulnerabilities in the security of this smart contract.
This audit has been carried out by a single person from the team.
You have to understand that we don’t know what the developers of the project will do.
Invest only what you can lose.